Nika Akopian

Department of Photonics Engineering
Technical University of Denmark
Ørsteds Plads
Building 345A, room 271
2800 Kongens Lyngby

Phone: +45-45-25-38-07
E-mail: nikaak@fotonik.dtu.dk
Internet: nikaakopian.wordpress.com


Current research

Quantum Nanophotonics

 Atomic-solid state
hybrid systems

quantum devices

Quantum network
of artificial atoms

Slow and fast
single photons


Selected research papers

An Artificial Atom Locked to Natural Atoms
N. Akopian, R. Trotta, E. Zallo, S. Kumar, P. Atkinson, A. Rastelli, O.G. Schmidt and V. Zwiller
arXiv:1302.2005 (2013)

Hybrid semiconductor-atomic interface: slowing down single photons from a quantum dot
N. Akopian, L. Wang, A. Rastelli, O.G. Schmidt and V. Zwiller
Nature Photonics 5, 230 (2011)
** With News and Views article and backpage Interview with N. Akopian.

Crystal Phase Quantum Dots
N. Akopian, G. Patriarche, L. Liu, J.-C. Harmand and V. Zwiller
Nano Letters 10, 1198 (2010)
** With editorial highlights in Nature Nanotechnology and Nature Materials.

Entangled Photon Pairs from Semiconductor Quantum Dots
N. Akopian, N.H. Lindner, E. Poem, Y. Berlatzky, J. Avron, D. Gershoni, B.D. Gerardot and P.M. Petroff
Physical Review Letters 96, 130501 (2006)
** Over 700 citations.

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Brief CV

2014-present     Professor at Technical University of Denmark (research department, video overview)
2007-2014         Postdoc at Delft & Eindhoven Universities of Technology, The Netherlands (research group Delftresearch group Eindhoven)
2008                 PhD in Physics, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (research group)